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Yahoo! News reports Oregon state regulators failed to shut down a daycare center until a second child died in two years. Why hasn’t anyone been arrested or accused of wrongdoing?

The Oregonian reports Oregon’s online consumer database omitted 60 percent of reported violations, including injuries and abuse. How can Oregon families trust state government to protect vulnerable senior citizens if they keep hiding abuse?

Fox 12 reports state workers are housing foster children in offices and hotels, and many are placed with unlicensed caretakers. DHS is “making it up as they go,” leaving foster children vulnerable.

Alicia Paz did everything she could to find a safe day care facility for her son. Sadly, the state hid the fact that children died in the facility she chose. It’s time for Governor Brown to stand up for children and inform parents of day care violations before it happens again.

Oregon has a day care nightmare, and Governor Brown has failed to keep our children in state-regulated day cares safe. Visit daycare to take action and let our elected officials it’s time to keep our children safe.

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