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Immediately after the election, Governor Brown signed legislation to make it more difficult for the public to obtain government records. Her executive agencies have been using every trick in the book, including charging outrageous fees, to avoid disclosing information that might prove embarrassing or worse.  The Governor’s office and executive agencies have been filled by people with hidden conflicts of interest and the Oregon Health Authority was caught red-handed with a plan to discredit a private business it didn’t like. Governor Kate Brown promised us a clean and transparent state government, but that’s not what we’re getting.


Conflict of Interest

Candidate Kate Brown promised to clean up Oregon government. No more Kitzhaber-esq conflicts of interest. Unfortunately it’s just been more of the same from Governor Kate Brown who’s accepted huge campaign contributions from businesses with lifetime state contracts.



Governor Kate Brown’s administration has made a point of rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies.  After a secret plan to smear a Portland health care provider became public, the  Governor asked the director of the Oregon Health Authority to resign, but at least five of the key employees involved in crafting the plan were given a pass for their misconduct.  In fact, one of the culprits is now making $97,000 a year working directly for Governor Brown.



Governor Kate Brown promised to restore transparency to Oregon government, but as soon as she took office, Brown signed off a plan to make it even more difficult for the public to access government documents.  One state agency is being sued for demanding a $50,000 ransom in exchange for providing public records about building a new psychiatric hospital in Wilsonville.

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