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Oregon state government has seen more than its share of scandal and controversy in recent years. Oregonians were optimistic that things would improve under Governor Kate Brown, but the problems and secrets continue to grow. Whether it’s the massive Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) deficit draining money from our classrooms, the tragic death of children in foster care or state agency officials wielding their power to reward their friends and punish their adversaries, journalists are exposing news about government mismanagement of all kinds.

The Oregon Government Accountability Project will identify and report on the incompetence, negligence and abuse of power in state government and advocate for changes that will result in real transparency and real reform.  The time for change is now.


Oregon gives Medicaid to 55,000 ineligible people

Governor Brown’s Administration has been giving free health care to 55,000 people who are ineligible to receive Medicaid. Costing an average of $430 per month per recipient, that’s over $283 million of your tax dollars wasted.


Gov Brown’s Administration pays $7 million after preschoolers starved by foster parents

Governor Brown’s Department of Human Services ignored repeated warnings about children being starved by their foster parents. Four and five year old siblings weighed the same as they did at one and two years.


Gov. Brown Rewards Agency Staff for Crafting Smear Campaign

The Oregon Health Authority crafted a smear campaign against a Portland-area health care provider. Governor Brown hired one of the agency staff responsible. Why is she rewarding bad behavior instead of holding her administration accountable?


Alicia Paz did everything she could to find a safe day care facility for her son. Sadly, the state hid the fact that children died in the facility she chose. It’s time for Governor Brown to stand up for children and inform parents of day care violations before it happens again.

The Oregonian reports Oregon’s online consumer database omitted 60 percent of reported violations, including injuries and abuse. How can Oregon families trust state government to protect vulnerable senior citizens if they keep hiding abuse?


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